How to Improve Café Sales


The hospitality industry is ever booming, and with so many competitors at every corner, you might be having trouble with your sales. This is quite the dilemma because how can you increase your revenue without increasing your prices and driving customers away? Well, all hope is not lost yet. There are a few ways you can improve the situation with little tips and tricks.

Loyalty Cards and Deals

There’s nothing like the idea of a free lunch to get people flocking to restaurants and cafes. Why not introduce a point system of customer loyalty card. For example, every purchase over a certain amount can earn customers points. Later, when sufficient points have accumulated, customers can exchange a set number for a free item, like cookies or shakes. Especially if your café is part of a franchise, this can bring in a hefty amount of sales. This is one way you will be giving your customers incentive to visit frequently and make bigger purchases.

Use the Media

Just about everyone is online now, so much so that it is considered a nation of sorts. Either hire a designated social media manager, or do it yourself, but do get on the bandwagon. Start Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to promote the business as a whole, as well the products and people involved. If you have famous patrons, you’re guaranteed more customers if you post a selfie with them on Instagram! Regular updates, even for morning greetings, will create an online presence for your brand. It’s also a cheap and easy means of advertising.

Be Organized

You should make sure that your staff are effective and fast. They should be friendly and upbeat, as this will have a huge impact on how customers perceive the overall atmosphere of the place. Have a good Point of Sale System in place to ensure efficiency and speed. If you’re working at a café, chances are that you customers want that cappuccino to go because they have a big meeting first thing in the morning and they’re already late.

New Products

Try and add new items to your menu every so often. The more unusual they are, the more they will stand out, even if it’s just a smoothie with a clever and funny name. People love humour, and they love food-related oddities even more. Instagram has been proving that for years! Having a specialty dish will help you to make your name more famous. Nothing draws people in more than a sense of exclusivity.

It may not seem like much, but make a few small efforts in these areas to start with and see where it goes. With social media especially, you can see pretty fast results. The main things are to have good customer relations and to highlight your unique selling points. These are surefire ways to improve your café and business.